Do You Know What Your WordPress Site Is Broadcasting To Hackers?

Here’s our site before & after BlogDefender Security:


Wordpress Security - WordPress Version Broadcasting

Broadcasting your WordPress version gives hackers exactly what they need to attack your site with a specific WP exploit – This is a big problem specifically if you don’t update your WP core often.

Wordpress Security - WordPress Version Broadcasting Hidden

BlogDefender Policy turns OFF Your WP version broadcasting


Wordpress Security - User Name Broadcasting

By default your WordPress user names are broadcast to the world – this way the hacker has 50% of the info they need to launch a brute force attack & they are 50% more likely to succeed.

Wordpress Security - User Name Broadcasting Secured

BlogDefender Policy Turns off user name broadcasting


Wordpress Security - Directory Broadcasting Unsecured

By Default WordPress sites allow directory indexing giving hackers & data miners ‘carte blanche’ to all uploaded files & the exact info required to launch specific plugin exploits

Wordpress Security - Directory Broadcasting Secured

BlogDefender Policy disables directory indexing.


Wordpress Security - Theme Name Unsecured

By default your active theme name is broadcast to the world giving hackers great information as to how best to attack & compromise your site

Wordpress Security - Theme Name Unsecured

Whilst you can’t entirely hide your WordPress theme, there are ways of not making it hidden so it’s not so obvious as to what theme you are using – we’ll show you exactly how to do this.


Wordpress Security - Plugin Name Broadcasting Unsecured

Some of the plugins you use will broadcast a ‘signature’ which gives hackers the info they need to attack your site’s via the plugins you use.

Wordpress Security - Plugin Name Broadcasting Secured

Whilst it’s not possible to totally hide all the plugins you use you can make it more difficult for bots/hackers to see the plugin ‘signature’ – we’ll show you exactly how to do this.

You Can Fix All The Above + A Whole Heap of Other Risks in Minutes!!!

Since BlogDefender Was 1st Released in 2012 NONE of Our 2500+ Buyers Got Hacked… But, We Didn’t Stop There…

BlogDefender WordPress Security

NEW IN 2015: Faster & Easier Install,
Tighter Server Security, Kick Out Policy,
File Monitoring, Link Tracking, Spam Blocking, Reputation Checking, Security Audits
+ more…

Exposed: See how hosting companies fail website owners by total lack of transparency about shared & reseller accounts.

Revealed: Our annual hosting report Names Good & Bad Hosts – our JV community names the best & worst hosts.

Secured: Learn to avoid all the major WordPress security holes without using costly plugins or paying monthly fees to “WordPress Security Specialists”.


Easy WordPress Security


  • Host Security Advisory
  • Plugin Security Audits
  • Theme Security Audits
  • Anti Brute Force Security
  • Anti Cross-Site Scripting
  • MySQL Database Security
  • Nefarious Traffic Blocking
  • Hiding WordPress ‘Tell Tale’
  • Anti Comment Spam
  • File & Link Monitoring
  • Know Offender Blocking
  • Automating Core Updates
  • WordPress Security Audit


WordPress Security Video Tutorials
Plugins & Tools Pack
Wordpress Security PDF/DOC


FREE 12 Month Updates
30 Days Tech Support
One Off Payment
For Self Hosted WP Installs
Suitable For PC & Mac Users
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2015 The Year of Amplified Hacking Attacks…

“162,000 Hacked WordPress Sites used in DDOS Attack”
“43 Million of WordPress Sites Declared Vulnerable”
“Forbes, Obamacare, Daft Punk, EA & Angry Birds – Hacked”
(Sources: BBC, Forbes, Securi, Sophos – Feb/March/Apr 2015)

So… It’s Been Another Busy Year For Hackers…

Wordpress Security News- Hacked Sites

Relying on a Host/a Plugin or a Paid Service for your Site Security Today is Careless

Matt Garrett

Hi & Welcome to BlogDefender….

The video above shows just how easily my unsecured WordPress sites got hacked…. Yet, this could have been easily avoided had I followed some simple security steps. I wish I could tell you that website security could be fixed with a ‘magic plugin’, or a reliable paid service – in my experience it can’t – you have to understand what’s going on & where the holes are – that being said with the right tools it doesn’t have to be difficult either.

Whilst we’re proud to announce our second version of BlogDefender & that no BlogDefender customers reported being hacked, with the volume of attacks nowadays I have to be realistic it’s a record that we probably won’t hold forever so we’ve been busy creating even tougher WordPress Security

My objective for creating a BlogDefender 2015 was to create an easier security solution which doesn’t require constant attention, doesn’t cost a fortune & is every bit as good if not better than any premium product or service offered by anyone to date.

After 12 years of using WordPress one thing I’m certain of…

When it Comes to Site Security – Don’t Rely on Anything or Anyone Else – Do it Yourself

Blog Security - Hacked Screenshot Showing Hackers Contact Info

A screenshot from our hacked site …

If you’ve spent time creating/developing your digital products, writing your e-books, recording videos etc & your site is hacked then there’s is no quicker way for your products to become FREEWARE on the many free for all sites such: Hotfile, Fileserve, Depositfiles or torrent sites such as Piratebay. This is a massive problem for digital product vendors. In fact an estimated $trillion of intellectual property has been stolen to date.

Web Hosts Close Hacked Accounts

Wordpress Security - Hacked Account Suspended

Many hosts are not helpful….

Hosts almost always suspend or close hacked accounts for breach of terms. Most hosts will give you a few days to sort the problem, but if this happens often enough they usually close hosting accounts permanently. Sorting out a hacked site is no fun – trying to find the bogus page or rogue code in 1000′s of lines of code is a logistical nightmare even for professionals – you may end up paying a big fee to get the problem fixed.

  • Your site will be blacklisted by search engines & AV sites
  • You will waste time sorting blacklist issues
  • It takes an average of 3 days to recover a hacked site
  • 1 out of 4 hacked sites will never be recovered

Hacked Site Traffic is Usually Re-Routed

Wordpress Security - Hacked Traffic is Redirected

Hackers Love Your Traffic…

So you’ve worked hard on building your website, spent time researching your niche, SEO, built links, wrote articles etc. Your website finally has regular traffic & your site makes an income, then one day you find your traffic is diverted & you won’t even know when it’s been done. In some cases your site content is totally changed & you visitors may be presented with fake or fraudulent offers.


  • Your site will drop rank like a stone in search engines
  • Your business/visitor reputation will suffer
  • It’s going to cost to restore your site/reputation

Hackers Usually Spam/Steal Your Contacts

Wordpress Security - Hacked Sites Result in Spam

Hackers love free contact lists…

Whether your website has 100′s or 1000′s of subscribers – with a few clicks of a button a hacker will have access to all of them. The email list you worked so hard to build will usually be sold or used over & over again for the hacker’s personal gain. If your contact list was responsive before your site was hacked, it won’t be once your recipients start receiving endless spam.


  • Reduced Response from future mailers
  • Big increase in unsubscribers
  • Substantial drop in mail marketing revenues
  • Your future emails will be blocked by spam filters

You May Be Fined, Arrested & Investigated

Wordpress Security - Hacked Sites Lead to Leagal Issues

Criminal Activity…

Hackers sometimes totally replace your site with fraudulent ecommerce offers.

Unsuspecting visitors may their card details skimmed & sold on. This is serious crime & if it happens on your domain it’s likely that you’ll have to answer a lot of questions & may even have to appear in court. This is something most webmasters don’t expect. If you breach any data protection law you may even end up fined as a result

Finding a Smarter Solution…

Biggest Problem is the Volume of Hacking Attacks…
Huge 42% Rise in Hacking Activity in Last 12 Months! – Trustwave
Massive 309Gb/s+ Attacks Are Set To Continue – Spamhous

In little under 2 years hacking attacks have almost doubled with Russia, China & Eastern Europe leading the pack as the biggest culprits. With an estimated annual yield of $2 Billion from the hacking activities – I wouldn’t bank on things getting better any time soon.

2nd Biggest Problem is Lack of Security Knowledge
Only 15%
of WordPress Sites run the Current WP Version! – WordPress

A Massive 73% of WordPress Sites run Little or no Security! – Ponemon

In reality for most of us site security is a bit of an afterthought. Many of us wrongly assume hackers have better targets to attack or that our plugins, web hosts or paid services will protect us… I can honestly say from my experience this isn’t true.

3rd Problem Website Security Usually Takes Time
66% of Wemasters Find Web Security Complicated – Ponemon

I run approximately 200 active WordPress sites & up until a few years ago security was a major headache for me. If it took just 1/2 an hour per site to set up security & half an hour per site each to update I would need to spend 1 month a year fiddling with site security instead of profitable tasks – which is plainly insane – paying for external security services for 200+ sites was equally horrific so there had to be a better way – there wasn’t so we created one….

How WordPress Sites are Hacked…

Wordpress Security News- Hacked Sites

80% of Problems Can be Avoided With Simple Security Steps

When designing BlogDefender we had to consider how hackers really operate – after all there’s no point using a sledgehammer crack a nut or spending hours securing areas that simply aren’t a big problem. The above infographic shows that most sites are compromised through basic setup mistakes. So our solution starts by addressing this

BlogDefender 2015 Covers All The Key Bases:

1 Host Security & Recommended List of Respected Hosts
1 Using Tools To Identify Risky Themes & Plugins
1 Implementing Site Security (Tools & Plugins Provided)
1 Optional PC Security Masterclass Training (At Checkout)

Blog Defender 2015 – A Simple Solution…

Set & Forget WordPress Security
in Minutes!

Hackers like all thieves are lazy opportunists that look to get maximum reward for minimum effort – so most of their efforts are focused on the easiest targets. With help from a top IT Expert, some cool new GPL plugins & our bespoke security files, my team created a procedure which is easy enough for child to follow but tough enough to keep 99.9% of scumbags out.

BlogDefender Total WP Security 2015 will help you:

  • Hide WordPress “Tell Tale” Signs

  • Hide WP Login URLs

  • Add Extra Authentication to Login

  • Hide SQL Database

  • Security Audit Your Themes/Plugins

  • Block Scumbags With a Bespoke .htaccess

  • Block Cross Site Script Attacks

  • Block SQL Injection Attacks

  • Block Brute Force Attacks

  • Block Fake Bots

  • Block Content Scrapers

  • Tighten File & Directory Security

  • Perform Basic Penetration Tests

  • Automate Critical WP/Plugin Updates

This is a best endeavors policy geared to give your site the best possible protection for the money in minimal amount of time. Like all security solutions it’ll never be perfect, only as good as we can make it with the tools & information to date.

How BlogDefender Protects Against Bots


Unsecured WP Site Secured with BlogDefender 2015

Blog Security - Hacking Infographic 2

Myth: “Hackers won’t target my site as it has too little traffic & makes no money”…


Blog Security Infographic - How Hackers Profit

Hacked websites are mostly exploited for profit or used as tools

Myth: WordPress is Unsecure


  • 26 million of 36 million self hosted WordPress sites run little or no security
  • It takes 152 days on average for a webmaster to notice they’ve been hacked
  • Only 15% of webmasters have upgraded to the latest WordPress version

It would be easy to blame WordPress for the bad rap however – to be fair they are doing a pretty good job of keeping the software secure & up to date. Most stats show that webmasters are very inactive when it comes to site security – the problem simply is lack of reliable information

Do Nothing & You’ll Get Stung…

Lack of WordPress Security Can Sting

Still Doubtful?

I’m not going to try to convince you that the data here is right – I would much rather you did your own homework did your own tests & came to your own conclusions…

Do nothing & you could lose $1000′s

I can’t tell you how many times over the last 6 months I had to restore my sites because of hacking or the amount of profit lost through site downtime. In fact over a 2 month period I had to stop all work to deal with hacking issues. The cost associated with inaction can easily run into thousands if you run profitable websites.

“You are literally walked through the process”

Nikki Stevens
Nikki Stephens

Nikki Stephens –
“Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re too small or not important enough to be hacked! I’ve found out that I’ve had bots in the backend of my sites, making alterations and changing things around, so there’s no telling what damage they’ve caused.

I’ve had my main blog for over 3 years now, and the thought of losing all the hard work I’ve put into it is just devastating, not to mention costly! I have a shared hosting plan, so of course once they can get into one site, they can also access the others.

Luckily, I now have the procedures detailed within Blog Defender in place so that I can prevent the vast majority of this ever happening again. Once you’ve secured one site it gets a lot quicker to secure all subsequent sites.

With Blog Defender, you get easy-to-follow videos, along with a detailed checklist that you can download. You are literally walked through the process of securing your blog against hackers, which has given me real peace of mind.

This is a growing issue that all website owners are facing; so it isn’t going to go away. Prevention is better than cure, particularly as some of the nastier hacks around can literally ruin your business.

So do yourself a favour – get your sites protected now, before it’s too late.”

“This is a seriously good product”

 Simon Hodgkinson
Simon Hodgkinson

Simon Hodgkinson – http//
“This is probably one of those times you ask yourself ‘do I really need this product?’ Let’s face it, on the surface it’s not going to immediately put more money in your pocket or even add some cool new gizmo to your site…

… The truth is yes you do and you need it now.

I’ve been in the online business for 10+ years and had my fair share of hacked sites which have cost me time and money (lots of it)… I’ve also seen a good number of people have their reputations and entire businesses left in tatters when their sites have been hacked.

Right now is the time to act, because when it’s too late, well basically you’ll be screwed (and you’ll regret the day you passed over such a great opportunity to protect yourself for so little). And by the way, if you think your web host will come to your rescue think again, you’ll be on your own, paying to put things right and suffering the cost of lost sales and business.

This is a seriously good product and if you rely on WordPress to make you money online then it’s nothing less than essential. Buy it, follow Matt’s expert advice and don’t end up another victim!”

“Great way to secure your blog”

 John Thornhill
John Thornhill

John Thornhill –
“I’ve had to go through the inconvenience of a hacked blog before and let me tell you it’s not nice. With online security becoming an increasing problem, especially with WordPress, this is a great way to secure your blog. I’ll be following Matt’s training and securing all my blogs… Great job.”

“I wish I had this before…”

Kathe Lucas
Kathe Lucas

Kathe Lucas –
“Hi Guys, WOW! Thanks so much for a quick preview… I sure wish I’d had this before I lost over a dozen blogs just recently. Okay, it was my fault for not securing things more, BUT… I didn’t have a handy, current reference like this to turn to for quick help either. ;)

Guys, thank you so much for putting BOTH of these great products together – I was up until the wee hours, and I’ll be loaded for bear in 2013! Great Job!”

“I discovered some incredible security tricks”

 David Walker
David Walker

David Walker –
“My business is built around the WordPress platform and I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve been slack in the security department. However, Matt’s training soon put that right! I followed each detailed video to the letter and discovered some incredible security tricks and plugins I’d never heard of before.

Better still, all the plugins were free to download too! The end result? My WordPress membership site is now locked down tighter than Parkhurst at midnight and if anybody tries hacking it, I’ll be the first to know! Thanks again Matt, I’m off to secure the rest of the blogs in my portfolio!”

“A top level force against hacker attacks”

 Micheal Nicholas
Micheal Nicholas

Micheal Nicholas – Impact Info Marketing
” Since working with blogs, I… like many others, have been concerned about how to handle the constant threat of blog attacks. After having a look at Blog Defender you can’t help but become most aware of the vulnerable areas all bloggers need to protect.

Blog Defender is viable WordPress blog security prevention system that offers video instruction along with 3 software plugins that are free to download. The instruction shows the optimum settings on how to use the free plugins that will allow you top level force against blog hacker attacks.

Simply put, Matt’s Blog Defender will keep your blogs safe from being hacked providing effective protection that is needed in today’s blogosphere. Don’t be caught without the necessary counter-measures needed to keep your blogs safe from attacks… Blog Defender has you covered.”

“Just one tip could have prevented my blogs getting hacked”

Richard Legg
Richard Legg

Richard Legg –
“In the past month alone, I’ve had 3 niche blogs hacked, costing me hundreds of dollars in lost sales – all of which could have been avoided if I followed the steps in this training. I can tell you, there’s nothing worse than spending months building up a blog, adding posts every few days, and then finding it all gone in an instant.

The great thing about these ‘over the shoulder’ videos is that you get to see exactly how to do everything, so it doesn’t matter if you’re technically challenged. Just copy what you see on the screen, and then relax knowing your blogs are safe.

(Just one of the tips in the first video alone could probably have prevented my blogs getting hacked) I even noticed one or two tips in there that help with SEO too … so following these videos could even bring your blogs more traffic!”

’0 Hacked’ Track Record – Use on Unlimited Sites – No Repeat Billing!


BlogDefender 2015 - WordPress Security - How to Secure WordPress
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It's Me

Thanks for reading….

Some of you will know me already as the guy behind many other great products such as WP Simulator, WP Cheat, Nichereaper & Blog Tactics. For those that don’t know me – I don’t release many digital products & when I do the products are truly gold in terms of information & value. I run 100′s of profitable websites myself so what I teach is based on my own experience & results. It would be a waste of my time to offer you anything that isn’t my very best as I have many trusting subscribers & respected industry partners.

The principle behind my offers is always to save us both time & money. If the product doesn’t meet these criteria it doesn’t get off the ground. Once you run more than a few sites time & cost become a bigger priority which is why I’m always looking for better & faster ways for us to achieve our goals.

I am confident that BlogDefender meets these criteria & I believe you will benefit from your investment, of course you always have my no quibble money back guarantee…

I hope you enjoy the product.

Kind Regards,

“100% Iron-Clad 45-Day Money Back Guarantee”


If for any reason you’re not happy with the product within 45 days of your purchase, you’re entitled to our 100% money back guarantee. No quibbles, no buts, no bad feeling.

We are confident that you will be happy with BlogDefender & you’ll agree that it’s a high quality, well tested and proven product.

If you decide otherwise just ask & a refund will be on it’s way. This is your completely 100% RISK FREE Test Drive without any fear.